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Traditional Wood Corbels

There’s nothing more attractive and pleasing than that of traditional designs. If you prefer a simple, yet beautiful design to compliment the woodwork in your home, then wooden corbels are a popular choice, because of the richness of the wood that can give a unique, style to any building or home.

Wooden corbels can add antique looks to your home, under cabinets, tables, surrounding a fireplace mantel or in the kitchen, and will increase value, with intricately designed smooth lines and simple elegance.

One of the more simple but elegant designs is the Traditional Series Wooden corbels. This design is slightly concaved at the top of the face. Just below, it concaves deeper, down the rest of the length of the corbel and is a smooth finish. On the sides, a scroll curves down, with curly coils on the top and bottom of the scroll. The Traditional series of wooden corbels add elegance to cabinets, fireplace mantels or anywhere that needs a simple accent piece.

Traditional Series Wooden corbels come in various sizes and hardwoods including Walnut, Cherry, Alder, Maple, Pine Poplar, Red Oak and Mahogany; they are also shipped separately for added protection, from scratching, and are ready to stain.    

Wooden corbels are expertly etched in hardwoods, such as Oak Tree, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. Wooden corbels also come in many different designs, depending on the décor of buildings

The corbel, which comes from Latin and has the appearance of a raven’s beak, is a triangular bracket of stone or wood that juts out from a building and holds a great deal of weight. In Italy and France, corbels carrying balconies were often elaborately designed, large and richly carved. Throughout England, wood corbels abound, carrying windowsills and oriels or Bay windows.

Choose from a simple, yet elegant design with the Traditional Series Wooden corbels, to add richness and lasting value to your home.
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