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Wood Cabinet Weave
Would you like to change the appearance of some of your walls or cabinets? Do you think that you would like something more than just a change of paint? If you would like not only a different color but a different texture, consider installing wood wall weave.

Wood wall weave, available in sizes such as 8” by 8”, is sold in a form that is similar to interlocking tiles. The wood wall weave “tiles” fit together during installation for an interesting, unusual appearance. Because of the weave, it is very easy to hide the nails that you must use for installation.

Wood wall weave is available in maple, red oak, and cherry. Wood has a warmth and a presence that is hard to beat. Wood wall weave is sold ready to be finished and then installed.

Wood wall weave can be an entrancing change from everyday paint. Wood wall weave will give your walls or cabinets an unforgettable texture and will enhance the beauty of your home’s interior.

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Door & Cabinet Weave, Unfinished Cherry Door & Cabinet Weave, Unfinished Maple Door & Cabinet Weave, Unfinished Red Oak
Wall Weave, Unfinished Cherry Wall Weave, Unfinished Maple Wall Weave, Unfinished Red Oak
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