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Wood Rosettes

Wood rosettes are usually carved ornaments that can give a little bit of style to any piece of furniture or really anything that they are applied to. Many wood rosettes come in many different types of wood that can be either painted or stained to match the piece of furniture that they are put on. A wood rosette is a type of wooden appliqué or onlay, which is generally flat on the bottom with the design on the top and then applied with any type of wood adhesive.

The rosette design comes from the shape that occurs naturally when leaves radiate from the stem of a plant and can be seen after withering has occurred in the flower. A wood rosette can be put inside on furniture or cabinetry or outside giving a decorative motif to any area of the home.

Wood rosettes can be custom made to fit any piece of furniture or can be bought in general designs made out of any type of wood. What is a nice feature about wood rosettes is they are separate pieces of wood and you can put them on anything you want to decorate. Wood rosettes come in many different styles. Generally wood rosettes are made form the best pieces of wood to give them strength and durability.

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