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Swags are used as decorative accents on many places, including fireplace mantelpieces, furniture, and cabinets.  Almost any area in your home that might benefit with a small detail “face lift” might look good with a swag.

Swags are available in several styles. You might like simpler swags, with one large flower placed at the bottom of the arch and one flower each where the swag might be “pinned,” like a banner, with the ends trailing below.  On the other hand, you might be more inclined to pick a swag completely filled with flowers for an orate statement.  You will find variations of these designs, and more.

Some swag designs are available in more than one size.  This will allow you to use the same swag design throughout your room or throughout your home if you desire.

Swags that are made from wood are particularly beautiful.  Wood has a warmth, particularly when stained, that is hard to beat.  Wood also has a texture that is both visual and tactile that entices the senses.

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