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Wooden Pulls

Pulls may be one of the most ignored features in a home.  It is interesting to note that changing small details like Pulls can make a huge difference in the appearance of the interior of your home.  Is it time to look at those Pulls?

Pulls are made from a variety of materials.  You can find pulls based on antique pulls such as those made from porcelain or “cut” glass. Wood is a favorite material for Pulls. These are only a few of the materials that you can explore when looking into new Pulls.

Pulls are available in many designs.  You will find pulls decorated with flowers, with animals, or with geometric designs.  You can look for pulls that are carved, that are etched, that are painted, or that are molding into interesting styles. 

It may sound like there are an overwhelming number of choices of pulls. In reality, you probably have at least some idea of the way that you would prefer to go.  Then, it only becomes a process of narrowing down your choices to the perfect Pulls for you.  And, even without a plan, looking through all of the Pulls can be a lot of fun.

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Pull Vineyard Knobs Pull Rose Round Pull Grape Small
Vineyard Knobs Pull Rose Round Pull Grape Small
Pull Lindenwood Pull Daisy Round Pull Acanthus Small
Lindenwood Pull Daisy Round Acanthus Small
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