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Wood carvings bring style and function into the modern home. Throughout time, wood has been a fundamental building material with warm textural characteristics unlike any other. Man has always had an inclination towards art, decoration and ornamentation, and the development of intricate carving tools fueled this interest, created the age-old profession of wood carving, one that would eventually fuse decoration and art with architecture.

Traditional styles of wood carving generally reflect the era in which the style saw its highest point of popularity. Some examples include Greek Revival architecture, where the wood column was symbolic of stateliness, the Victorian era, where elaborate wood mouldings, medallions and details were prevalent, and the Southern Colonial architectural style, where the white plantation shutter came to symbolize the style itself.

It is also true that wood carvings for the home are only limited to the imagination of the carver. A wide selection of modern designs makes it possible for the homeowner to find the perfect wood accents for their next improvement project.

Architectural Depot has a wide selection of wood carvings, everything from large columns and fireplace mantles, to the smallest wood carving details, like appliqués, brackets, carved cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, all completed with a natural finish that reveals the unique beauty of wood grain.

Architectural Depot offers wood carvings created by master craftsmen, making use of today's best wood working technologies to insure consistency and quality. Our wood carvings are constructed of the finest woods for both structural support and ornamentation, which insures that the best wood for the job is always used.

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