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Onlays, or appliques, are architectural accents that can enliven your fireplace, your furniture, your cabinets, or any other place where you might like to add a little decoration. Onlays can make the difference between a “ho hum” appearance and a “wow” appearance.

There are many styles of onlays available from which to choose.  You might enjoy swags of flowers or o
ld fashioned ribbons and bows.  If you love wines, you might like to pick from grape clusters or grapes and flowers. Stylized acanthus leaves have been used to decorate architecture for centuries dating back to ancient Greece.  You can bring this stylized ancient motif into your home in the form of onlays.

Onlays are available made from urethane or wood.   Each has its advantages.  For example, urethane is very lightweight while wood has a warmth that urethane finds hard to match. 

Onlays are a fun way to improve the appearance of the interior of your home.

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