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Many accents are used to add a distinctive look to homes, churches and other public buildings; some are used to hide shoddy construction, while some are use to give a home a period look. Wood mouldings, extremely popular, are architectural details installed to trim floors, doors, windows and ceilings. They add instant value to any home, by enhancing all décor and giving a finished look to whichever room it is installed.

Wood mouldings are made of hard wood, soft wood, molded wood product or resin materials and they come in many different shapes and patterns, depending on the style of the piece. There are many styles of moulding, from Bead and Reel moulding—carved round and oblong beads in a alternating pattern, Beveled moulding—a carved narrow length that attaches at a slight angle, to Scotia and Torus moulding—convex, shaped like a semi-circle and astragal moulding but larger and wider.

Whether you want wood mouldings to hide bad construction or to finish a room, you are sure to find the exact one, to fit the décor of your room, which will add class and value for many years to come.

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Traditional Moulding Crown Moulding
Traditional Moulding Crown Moulding
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