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Fleur De Lis and Leaves

Rosettes are small medallions, commonly known as an appliqué or onlay, when in actuality rosettes describe a specific style of appliqué. Rosette is a term derived from the petal pattern of the rose. As the petals of the rose beam outward from the middle, the name rosette is applied liberally to any clustered leaf pattern that begins from the center of a plant., even if the architectural accent takes on various forms of the flowing radial pattern.

Wood carvings offer unique textures and forms, making wood the most versatile and celebrated material used for the carving of rosettes. Rosette wood carvings are classic architectural accents, perhaps most popular in the English decor, where the English rose is frequently included and seen as a symbol of elegance, grace and sophistication. Another perennial favorite is the Fleur De Lis rosettes. The Fleur De Lis has been seen on everything from national coats of arms to scouting organizations. And enduring symbol of strength, beauty and honor.

Guide to Wood Carvings rosettes serve a variety of uses. Whether it be added to a fireplace mantle, a china cabinet, window and door casings, or any item that you wish to enhance and infuse with new personality. Rosettes can be easily applied to furniture with wood adhesive. Creating a unique and personal touch to your home and it’s décor.

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Acanthus Leaf Fleur de lis
Acanthus Leaf Fleur de lis
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