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The subtle size of cabinet knobs and pulls means that they are often over looked when we admire the total beauty of a piece of wood furniture. In actuality, knobs and pulls can drastically change the way your cabinets look. Wooden cabinet knob and pulls serve as small and refreshing architectural accents that can go a long way.

We replace our wooden cabinet knob and pulls for different reasons. Perhaps an existing knob on an antique piece has been damaged, perhaps a plain cabinet needs a little something to make it live up to its full potential, or maybe the wood carvings on your current knobs just don't seem to fit the design of the piece.

Wood is the most timeless, affordable, and most ornamented architectural material, constituting everything from the most massive ceiling beams and classical columns, to the smallest architectural details, like appliques and inlays. Artisans have always crafted sculptural forms out of wood, so it's natural that when applied to architecture, wood carvings successfully merge function and aesthetics within the living space. Wood carvings have proven themselves versatile and effective.

Wood carvings offer unique warmth and texture. This attention to detail proves effective on the small scale, and is seen in both elaborately carved and plainly styled knobs.

Architectural Depot's carved cabinet knob and pulls are available in various forms, a selection that ensures a fitting match for your cabinets, both old and new. Our carved knobs and pulls are easy to install, and easy to replace. Today's carving technologies ensure that each set you choose will be uniform, and crafted from wood that is both ideal for carving and durability.

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