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Appliques & Onlays
Wood appliques are individual relief carvings used as architectural accents. The word "applique" is derived from the French "appliquer", meaning to place or lay upon. Common names for carved wood appliques are wood onlays, embossed carvings and ginger breads.

An applique is decorated with carvings on the display side, and flat on the opposite side to accommodate easy attachment to other architectural elements, such as fireplace mantles, drawers, cabinets, furniture, and wood paneling. Part of the appeal of wood appliques is that the possibilities for use are endless. Appliques and wood carvings are easily applied with adhesive for no-hassle decoration and enhancement.

Wood appliques in many sizes and forms make it easy for the decorator to design an ideal applique layout. Popular traditional applique styles include curling filigrees, flowing plumes, floral designs and rosettes, lion and goddess heads, and any imaginable variation to compliment any interior theme. Use wood appliques to create radial designs, or place them at linear intervals to create a frieze pattern along fireplace mantels. Wood appliques can be used anywhere, in any design pattern.

Wood appliques can be solid in form or incised, creating a contrasting cut-out design. Flow and harmony are often achieved through radial patterns, like those found in traditional English rosettes, however, the asymmetrical shapes of plume or filigree appliques can be combined in mirror image pairs to maintain symmetry.

Architectural Depot wood carvings and wood appliques are skillfully crafted with precision to suit your needs, and available in a wide range of the best wood species used for wood carvings.

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